10 Ways eating organic food will change your life

The wave of consuming organic produce and food is catching up and rightly so. In those good old days, illness such as cancer happened to a fewer number of people. But today, it seems rampant. Surely, we are doing something wrong. Studies point most of its fingers to lifestyle and food that we ingest every day. That is why families have begun to adopt organic and local foods in their diet for their immense health advantages. Let us look at 10 ways in which this clever choice can change your life for the better!

Obviously, one that it is healthy:

Free of pesticides

No prizes for guessing this! Produce cultivated in a conventional manner are sprayed with insecticides, harmful pesticides, and chemical fertilizers. Whereas an organic farmer grows his produce using manure or natural fertilizers and compost. Natural ways to control worms and pests are adopted. This produce does not include any kind of chemicals. So which food would you choose for your family?

Planet friendly

Organic food produce is devoid of any chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Hence, it is healthier. The use of natural methods, crop rotation, and green compost is not just good for us but also Mother Earth. The same methods are applied for beef, pork poultry, and other meat products. A wholesome diet, clean and hygienic environment goes a long way to give our family a healthy hearty dish of chicken and egg. Additionally, when we grow healthy and pure food products, we save the planet as much as we save lives. Therefore, the mantra, “Go Green”.

6 Ways to know if your food is organic

Food derived through the organic method is more wholesome and good for you.

There is a reason why many are steering towards the organic life. To produce these specific products, an eco-friendly and a natural technique of agriculture is adopted. Natural fertilizers are utilized to preserve the soil and plant’s nutrition. Thus, the food derived through the organic method is more wholesome and good for you. So how do you differentiate these special products from there rest?

Here are ways to know if your food is organic…

Look for organic accreditation:

To be sure that you are picking up what you want to buy, cast a glance at the labels or certification on the product.  You should be looking for an organic certification which you would find either on the front along with the product logo or at the back of the product. NPOP (National program for organic production) instituted by the Indian Government certifies organic farming and processes which have been acknowledged abroad and by USDA. APEDA Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority also issues a certification mark to all those food products that abide by National Standards for Organic Products.

No perfect shape, no glaring shine:

Organic batch of fruits and veggies would differ in shape and size from one another. Two organic fruit or vegetable seldom look alike.

They will also have a dull contrary to the waxed shine that some fruits have. So if you are looking at a humble looking food product, pick it up.


Smaller in size:

Guess we know by now that if any food products that are abnormally large, there are chances that they have been infused with a growth hormone. Naturally cultivated food produce are smaller in size and lack similarity.

Smells fresh, cooks fast and taste good:

Have you taken a whiff of a fresh apple? If you have not then well, you are missing something. Organic fruits and veggies have a distinct fruity flavour that is lacking in a conventionally produced food consumes. They have a fresh, crisp aroma which a genetically modified veggie-fruit will not have. Additionally, organic food cooks faster and taste delicious. It is no wonder then that naturally grown food products are easily digested too.

Expires fast:

Organic stuff does not have a long shelf life. The food may just last a little longer in a refrigerator but not too long. So, if you have it in your cart, see that it is consumed within a day or two.


Organically grown food is more expensive that conventionally grown consumes. Natural fertilizers and time taken to grow it makes it worth it. But what is a cost when it promises a healthier life?

So you see, it is easy to identify naturally cultivated sabji mandi from conventionally grown food produces. Choose wisely and happy shopping!